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Heelless running™ - natural running

Heelless running is running without a heel strike. When running, fast athletes strike their foot, not with the heel, but on the ball of the foot or in between the heel and the forefoot. This ensures that there is less braking force during the absorbing first part of the step. During the second, propulsion part of the step, the energy absorbed in the leg muscles is used to propel the body off the ground and forward (energy return).

Inefficient running, causing pain

Joggers tend to strike their heels heavily on the ground, making use of the heels of conventional running shoes. Despite the cushioned heel of the shoe, joggers send a shock through the heel, knee, hip and spine of the quantity of 2-3 times their body weight with every step. This causes the majority of running “overuse injuries”, also called “repetitive strain injuries”.

Run like an athlete, run heelless!

Healus® soles make running easier for all runners (casual joggers, serious runners or competitive athletes), whatever the running method or style.  When practising the skill of heelless running, Healus soles are the ideal complement to make adaptation more comfortable and quicker. Visit healus.co.uk


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The Scientific Evidence (Links)

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